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A Tribute To The Victims Of The Terrorism Against The USA

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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on in the U.S. and World.

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Observation Deck of the Empire State Building Reopened.| Bush wants armed guards on US flights.| Awesome forces zero in on terrorist Osama bin Laden.|1,000 individuals with suspected terrorist ties, most of them foreign nationals, are currently living in the United States.| Second round of attacks possible this week.| Unmanned U.S. spy plane lost over Afghanistan.|U.S. Prepares for Military Assault.| China Tells U.S. It Will Share Information.|Boston Could Be Terrorist Target.| Iraq suspected of sponsoring terrorist attacks.|India identifies 120 terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.| White House Proposes $5 Billion for Airlines.| American Airlines Laying Off 20,000.| Boeing Plans 31,000 Layoffs.| Nuclear Weapons Last Resort.| U.S. Gave Orders to Shoot Down Airliners.| WTC rebuilding planned | America's new weapons | Authorities had attack plans for years | Pentagon suffers billion dollars in damage.| Suspected hijacker's passport found.| Britains warns of possible biological, chemical and nuclear attacks by terrorists.| Taliban anticipating massive US attack.| President and Vice President separated to reduce their profile as targets.|Bin Laden Moved After Attack.

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~"In two days youre going to hear big news and youre not going to hear from me for a while," Osama bin Laden told his mother before the attacks.
~President Bush: Demand to Taliban: turn over every terrorist - close every terrorist camp - these demands are not open to discussion - they will hand over the terrorists, or they will share in their fate - We condemn the Taliban regime - which aids and abets murder - the terrorists are enemies of the Islam faith - our war on terror begins with El Kaida - but it does not end there - it will not end until every terrorist group is found and defeated - Thousands of terrorists in more than 60 countries - these terrorists seek to end a way of life - we are not deceived by their pretenses of piety - they follow in the path of Nazism - and they will end that way - In Afghanistan we see Al Qaeda's vision for the world - we will use every available weapon of war - it may include dramatic air strikes, as well as covert operations, secret even in success - every nation has a decision to make, either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists - from this day every nation that continues to harbor terrorists will be considered a hostile regime - Governor Tom Ridge will lead the defense of the home front - I have called the armed forces to alert, and there is a reason - the hour is coming when America will act, and you will make us proud - this is civilization's fight - be calm and resolute in the face of a continuing threat - no one should be singled out because of their ethnic background or religious faith.
~Secretary General of the U.N.: A worldwide coalition to fight terrorism is rightly being formed with solidarity - it should lead to unity, not division into groups (e.g. Muslim/non-Muslim) | President Bush: "We are adjusting our thinking to the new kind of enemy." | President Mubarak of Egypt: "We need an international conference leading to a convention to be followed by all the nations of the world ." | Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco offer intelligence information
~F-15s fighters were racing toward New York to defend it; F-16s did race to defend D.C. - though time ran out - perhaps bases should be closer to major cities; Reagan National should be converted to an airbase with transportation provided for high government officials.
~A character in Arthur C. Clarke's Imperial Earth said (roughly) on returning to Earth for the 500th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence: "There she is, the Empire State Building, many buildings have come and gone, but she remains the tallest building on earth."
~Christian Science Monitor: "a defense budget of hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of nuclear warheads, and a military more powerful than the armed forces of the rest of the world combined, were not sufficient to protect the nation from more civilian casualties than it suffered in all the world wars of the twentieth century."

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